Current activity status


1. Employee (full-time/part-time/reduced hours) - Employees are defined as persons who work for a public or private employer and who receive compensation in the form of wages, salaries, fees, gratuities, payment by results or payment in kind; non-conscripted members of the armed forces are also included. An employee is usually working for an outside employer, but a son or daughter, for example, who is working in a parent’s firm and receives a regular monetary wage is classified here as an employee.
2. Self-employed (full-time/part-time) - Self-employed persons are defined as persons who work in their own business, professional practice or farm for the purpose of earning a profit. These persons may work with or without employees. Members of producers’ co-operatives should be considered as self-employed if in the cooperative, each member takes part on an equal footing with other members in determining the organisation of production, sales and /or other work of the establishment, the investments and the distribution of the proceeds of the establishment amongst their members.
3. Unpaid family worker (full-time/part-time) - Family workers are persons who help other members of the family to run an agricultural holding or other business, provided they are not considered as employees.
4. Apprentice - Student in regular education but completing his/her studies by apprenticeship foreseen in the educational programme. Includes apprentices, trainees, Junior College and University students in the summer work-phase, undergraduate trainees, and trainees with fixed contracts.
5. Unemployed - This comprises all persons without employment (as specified above; either as perceived by individuals or subject to ILO guidelines) who do not fall in any other category.
6. Student
7. Retired
8. Cannot work due to illness or disability
9. Taking care of the house and/or family
10. Other inactive person

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